About Us

Aquity International is a New Zealand company group with a strong focus on adding value to the drinks industry, in particular the water category.

Following many years producing and distributing bottled water it became clear to us that the category needed something new for consumers, distributors and retailers.

From this thought the VitalZing brand was born, with added value products such as a dosing cap range and WaterDrops, creating new sub-categories in the bottled water market with healthy & on trend formulations that really work.

In addition to the VitalZing brand Aquity also owns, produces and distributes the Water For Everyone brand throughout New Zealand and the Kauri glass brand in Japan and our local food service market.

Aquity employs around 20 staff in New Zealand and has strategic, active partners in Japan, China, America and Malaysia.


VitalZing: www.vitalzing.com

Production facility: www.kaurisprings.com